Memorial Hall, Sea Wall
Dymchurch, Romney Marsh
Kent TN29 0TG
Tel: 01303 872394

Royal British Legion Club




Despite what you may think, you do not have to have served in the Armed Forces to become a member of the Dymchurch Royal British Legion. Nor do you have to be over the age of 60 !!

The majority of our members did not serve in the forces but all are committed to the values the Royal British Legion stands for. Many of our members are families who enjoy the fun and welcoming atmosphere of the club.

If you wish to become a member of our club, please pop in and ask for a membership form. Branch fees and club fees are now paid separately but we can deal with both if you come into the club. Membership is renewable every year on your anniversary of joining and costs:

New Members

Non OAP - £33.00 (RBL Fee £18, Branch Fee £1, Club Fee £7, Joining Fee £7)

OAP - £31.00 (RBL Fee £18, Branch Fee £1, Club Fee £5, Joining Fee £7)

Membership Renewals

Non OAP - £26.00 (RBL Fee £18, Branch Fee £1, Club Fee £7)

OAP - £24.00 (RBL Fee £18, Branch Fee £1, Club Fee £5)


NOTE: With effect from 1st October 2024, the club fee will increase by £1.00.

To put that into perspective, membership costs just fifty pence per week for
regular members (excluding joining fee).

Due to licensing laws, you must be a member or a bona-fide guest in order to use the club - but fear not, we are always happy for new members, we need you to be a member and use the club if we are to continue being a great club.


Membership forms are available in the club.